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Mackinaw Island Michigan

Mackinac Island and picturesque State Harbor Marina, shot from the hill along Fort Mackinac, Michigan



Featured Articles

Add Backs: What Are They?

Understand which expenses can be added back to show the true profitability of the business.

Are Sales of Businesses Still Thriving?

Baby Boomers selling their businesses will present opportunities well Into the future.

Can Sellers Influence Due Diligence?

Prepared sellers ease due diligence and engender trust with serious business buyers.

Is Your Business All About You?

Sellers can de-personalize their business to make it more desirable to more buyers.

Not Ready For The Rocking Chair?

Treat yourself to a lifestyle job where you make a difference, keep your brain active, and stay sharp.

Ready to Quit Your Job?

When you are motivated, financially ready, and know what you are getting into, it may be time.

Recognize Analysis Paralysis?

To prevent missing out due to over analysis, buyers can use a decision-making framework.

To Sell or Not to Sell?

Know when is the optimal time to sell, how to prepare, and what do if you just have to sell now.

What is Your Business Worth?

Working with a professional business broker can help you price your business realistically.

What Matters Most - Assets or Profits?

Learn the impact that assets and income each have on determining the value of the business.

Why Sell a Profitable Business?

A seller who started the business with an exit plan is happy to sell a profitable business.